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L’entraînement privé reçu de Sarah est la plus belle expérience de ma vie. Elle m’a appris à renforcer mes muscles de façon professionnelle sans danger de me blesser les genoux ou le dos. Je suis à la retraite depuis plusieurs années donc elle m’a suggéré de joindre un groupe 3 fois par semaine ce qui me permet de continuer à mon rythme.

Merci Sarah de Suzanne D.


One of the nicest people I know, Sarah, has been my trainer for the past 5 years.  Her training has made me feel stronger and fitter.  From working out in my basement, to the park, the pool, or the basketball court, her training sessions are always different, fun and effective.  During our workouts, I can tell she’s always listening to me and she’s always concerned that I don’t hurt myself.  And when I don’t necessarily feel like working out, we negotiate, and she turns part of my workout time into massage time! 



This was my first time with Sarah. She is a very attentive Therapist who tries hard to find out your needs with a thorough discussion. You get to decide if you need quiet during the session or if you are up for a comfortable conversation. Sarah can accommodate either. Best massage ever!

Cheryle, December 2017


Sarah really knows how to help the client to solve the problem. After two treatments and with her instruction, I felt normal on my shoulder and neck. Thank you very much!

Wei, November 2017


I think this was truly the best massage I have ever had. Sara is very personable, interested and caring. She listened to my concerns and came up with an action plan. That’s just what I was looking for and I found it!

Ida, October 2017


Sarah est très professionnelle et sait nous mettre à l’aise. Et ses massages en profondeur ont dénoué des ankyloses que j’avais depuis des années! Merci!

Hélène, Septembre 2017